3 Tips to Help Style Your Home

Improving the look of your home can encompass many different things, from interior design to landscaping. While design can seem frivolous or unnecessary, you’d be surprised at how much better a well-designed home feels. Not only that, but if you do choose to sell one day, the curb appeal and attractiveness of the interior of your home will be major factors for prospective buyers.

Investing in creating a visually appealing home is almost as important as investing in a functional one, but the best homeowners find a way to prioritize both. If you’re looking to spruce up your house but aren’t sure exactly where to start, read on for three great tips to help style your home.

1. Improve your exterior.


You might be surprised to hear it, but exterior improvements hold their value better than almost any other home upgrade. Landscaping, specifically, has proven to be a historically good investment. Having attractive, clean, and well-maintained windows and doors is another area you should focus on. Regular window cleaning is surprisingly affordable and makes a big difference in how your home looks from the street.

Window cleaning companies like Labor Panes Nashville also offer additional services like gutter cleaning and pressure washing, making it even easier to spruce up the exterior of your home. Lack of gutter maintenance can also cause property damage, so a window cleaning company that can handle those needs and a great option for any homeowner.

2. Add some greenery.


Landscaping outdoors is important, but you should consider livening up the interior of your house as well. Houseplants are a great way to create visual interest, in addition to the mental and physical health benefits they provide. You can even find dog-friendly plants that liven up your space without posing a hazard to your furry friends. Toxic plants can be an issue for pet owners, so research anything you buy carefully. Some examples of pet-friendly plants include maidenhair ferns, spider plants, and Boston ferns.

Succulents can be a good place for beginners to start since they’re low maintenance and forgiving if you forget to water them for a day or two. Read the care instructions for any houseplants you purchase; many require different types of lighting to grow. Overall, many homeowners find that not only do plants make their space feel more comfortable and welcoming; they also provide a mood boost and a sense of well-being.

3. Keep your remodel modestly.


While it can be tempting to invest in a complete overhaul of space like your kitchen or bathroom, experts suggest that a smaller-scale project is often the best idea. Kitchen and bathroom remodel specifically tend to turn into money pits and often cost more than they will ever be worth when you sell your home. It’s a better idea to identify a few specific areas you want to improve and target those, rather than wasting time and money on an extensive and unnecessary renovation. Changing the tile or cabinetry can make a bigger difference than you think.

One of the biggest keys to making upgrades that won’t sink your home’s value in the future is to set and stick to a strict budget, especially when it comes to remodeling that can get pricey, like kitchens and bathrooms. While you don’t have to make a home improvement plan entirely with an eye towards how your projects will affect your home’s equity, you should understand how the changes you’re making will affect your potential sale price home. With that in mind, you can’t overstate the importance of curb appeal and walking into a home that has been thoughtfully designed. Investing in style can pay huge dividends for homeowners in the long run.