A Checklist for Opening an Assisted Living Facility

So you want to open an assisted living facility. This type of establishment provides an opportunity for adult and senior dependents to live an independent life under the personalized care of skilled nurses. They have activities scheduled, meals provided, medications administered, and frequent visiting opportunities set up from family members, among other things.

Here is a comprehensive checklist for entrepreneurs looking to open their own assisted living facility.

Business Plan


Firstly, like any other new business, you will want to develop a good business plan to determine what your company will need and what it will offer. You can use any of the many different templates for business plans. Just be sure to have it handy when looking for capital from investors interested in your business.


Also, you will want to find the ideal location for your facility. If you’re looking to open an assisted living in Parma, Ohio, or somewhere else in the United States, you have to ensure that it’s a location you enjoy driving to. Additionally, the building should have the necessary amenities to sustain seniors and other adults with impediments.



Moreover, your facility should have a floorplan that’s comfortable enough for seniors to wander about as well as organized enough for nurses to easily travel through each room and living area. It should have different living areas indoors and outdoors, natural lighting, rooms, HVAC systems, and a good plumbing and electrical system.

Outdoor Area

Your location should have an outdoor space where your residents can bask in the sunlight several times a day and enjoy the fresh air. Be sure there are no main streets or factories in the surrounding area so the air’s not as polluted. The space should be equipped with benches and tables so they can play table games as well as watch the sunrise.

Cafeteria Area


Your location should also have a space large enough to fit a cafeteria where your residents will enjoy warm meals as well as fun chit-chats on their way to their next activity. You should also plan your menus per week so there’s never a dull day in between.


Whether you want to look for a franchise opportunity for an assisted living facility or you want to start your own business from scratch, you will need funding to get this project up and running. For this, you will want to search for investors, investigate loans, build your savings, and more to make it happen.



When opening an assisted living facility, you will want to design the living areas for your residents. This can range from paint colors to bedding, room layouts, entertainment area amenities, and other things. You can hire a designer or work on this yourself with design software to help you visualize your ideas.


Moreover, you will have to find the right staff for your new facility. You need to understand the legalities of hiring employees for your new business, as well as provide them with a steady income. A thorough interview process will also help you hire the right caregivers that can provide skilled nursing. This also prevents you from hiring any dangerous or abusive personnel.



You will also want to think about the activities your residents will take part in. These include games, movies/TV shows, and festive days including birthdays. This also includes daily scheduled activities such as meals, snacks, baths, outdoor recreation, medications, and so on.


You will also have to speak with your State Licensing office to acquire the required licenses for your new assisted living community, as well as learn about the regulatory environment.

When opening your assisted living facility, ensure you pursue the highest value of your residents’ lives and remember how rewarding it will be to provide them with the utmost excellent service they’ll ever receive.