Common Florida Home Repairs

Florida homeowners know that the elements and routine demands of life can play a huge role in the stability of their property. This is a fact of life for those living in Florida, and repairs and renovation work are simply a must for many in the Sunshine State. Yet the need to maintain a dedicated maintenance schedule offers a unique opportunity for homeowners in Florida. Instead of simply reacting to the weather conditions and home repair needs, Floridians are able to tailor their spaces to their needs and get a jump on changing lifestyle requirements alongside their routine maintenance projects.

As a Florida homeowner, it’s a great idea to get acquainted with some of the technicians and contractors who work in your local area, but you should also understand how you can quickly and effectively improve upon your property in intelligent and cost-effective ways. Read on to discover how you can pair routine maintenance with high-impact home improvement projects today.

Start with the roof.


One place that you can’t skimp on is the roof. The roofing materials that lie above your head are there to protect your home, belongings, and loved ones from the unpredictable Florida weather. Every day, Floridians wake up to a varied forecast that may present sunshine and heat or intense downpours that seemingly arise from nowhere. Couple that with the prolonged hurricane season that graces the Florida coastline every summer and early fall, and you have a recipe for homeowner maintenance schedules that are varied and hard to pin down.

As a result of this uncertainty, the roof is a crucial area that Floridians must prioritize in their yearly maintenance routines. The roof will need a thorough cleaning every six months (and sometimes even more often for those with heavy foliage surrounding their properties). This is because trees and other plant matter that end up on the roof often act as a carrier for ants, roaches, and other pests that can eventually work their way into your home.

Likewise, getting up on the roof gives you the opportunity to diagnose any issues that are forming in the shingles or tiles. A Merritt Island roofing contractor is a homeowner’s best friend in this situation—especially for those who are older and can’t manage the cleaning and inspection routines as well anymore. Roofers do a great job on residential roofs and roof repair jobs, and with great customer service, hiring a roofing service that offers a free estimate on tile or shingle roof replacement or roof repair jobs can provide you with excellent peace of mind.

The roof needs replacing every 20 to 25 years, and with great maintenance on the surface as a habit, extending the lifetime of your roof systems can be achieved with greater ease. Hire a roofer with years of experience and a great track record in customer satisfaction for the best outcome.

Tackle electrical systems as well.


Many people fail to realize that home electrical repairs are a must in any Florida home. Damage caused by weather patterns can leak into the property, requiring an electrician to help you manage the water heater, sprinkler system, air conditioner, and even lighting. Yet electrical repairs offer a unique opportunity to improve upon the property while also tackling a required fix. Many homeowners in the region want to expand upon their usable outdoor spaces, and an electrical repair offers a great opportunity to extend your covered area out beyond the front or back door with a patio. Adding lighting, television mounting, and even a fan or heating elements to the equation can really tie the whole project together and reimagine your home for the benefit of everyone in your family.

With these fixes in mind, maintaining a home in Florida just got a lot easier!