From Lighting to Countertops: Tips for Transforming Your Kitchen Into the Heart of Your Home

If food feeds the soul, then your kitchen is truly the heart of your home. Whether you’re having a few friends over or you’re hosting a family dinner, kitchens are the ultimate gathering place. Sometimes, the kitchen acts as a study hall or a snacking space between meals. The kitchen is where busy lives finally intersect.

No doubt, a lot could be said about sitting down altogether as a family for a hot meal. As such, your kitchen should be one of the family’s favorite rooms. If it’s not, maybe your kitchen is in need of a little sprucing up. Here are a few tips for transforming your seemingly bland kitchen into the busiest room in the house.

Don’t just dream it—do it!

If you’ve ever had an idea of what your dream kitchen would look like—quartz countertops, lots of surface space for cooking, spacious cabinetry for storage—consider making that dream a reality by searching for a design expert. With the right company, your kitchen can be designed and built to your exact specifications.

If you’re living in Colorado, look at different kitchen designs in Denver for inspiration or if you’re in New York, look at designer kitchens in Manhattan. It’s important to get a sense of what others have done with similar spaces to keep your dreams realistic for the amount of space you’re allotted.

When you’re vetting designers, make sure you pick someone who’s collaborative and cares about your vision. A company that has over sixty years of experience is certainly more trustworthy than a brand new design team. Go with designers and builders you can connect with, that care about your input, and will go above and beyond to get you the kitchen of your dreams.

Set the right mood

Any theatrical set designer will tell you that the lighting design is what truly sets the mood onstage. If “all the world’s a stage,” then so is your kitchen. Therefore, you should light it according to the tone and mood you want to feel when you spend time in that room.

Chromalux is a lighting brand that can dramatically improve your home and kitchen. These bulbs mimic natural light by emitting full-spectrum light through the room. If you spend a lot of time in your kitchen during the winter when days are short, Chromalux bulbs may help to alleviate symptoms of season depression, because of their superior color and the way they make a room look more pleasant and comfortable.

When using Chromalux in your kitchen, you may notice that your eyes feel more comfortable while cooking and eating in this area. These bulbs are made from neodymium glass, which diminishes glare and rids the light of dulling frequencies. They mimic natural light, which is what your eyes are designed to see with. You may love these lights in your kitchen so much that you end up replacing the rest of your house’s lightbulbs.

A pop of color goes a long way

When was the last time you painted your kitchen? Is it the same color as it was before you bought it? By simply painting or wallpapering part of your kitchen space, you can really upgrade it and make it all your own. When you feel more ownership over the space, you’ll automatically want to spend a little more time there. Even if it’s just painting an accent wall, you’ll love putting in your own flair.

Upgrade your cookware

Now that you’ve addressed the room itself, in order to have your dream kitchen, you need your dream appliances. If you have a color scheme going on, get new pots and pans that match or complement that color. Think of these as accent pieces. You’ll want to display them on your stovetop, which buys you even more cabinet space!