How To Deal With a Cheating Partner While You’re Pregnant

For most women, pregnancy is an extremely exciting time. However, if you’ve learned your partner’s been unfaithful, pregnancy can be challenging. If you’ve been busy dealing with lower back pain, headaches, morning sickness, and swollen ankles like many pregnant women, the last thing you need is to learn that your partner’s cheated. Unfortunately, if this has happened to you, you are far from alone. For ways to have a happy and safe pregnancy in spite of your partner’s infidelity, read on.

Seeking Professional Help


One of the best things you can do for yourself if you find out your partner has been cheating on you while pregnant is to reach out to professionals for help. Licensed mental health counselors will be able to work with you in individual sessions to process your grief and feelings of betrayal. And, if you decide to continue the relationship, they can make fantastic referrals to relationship retreats like those found at

At a couple’s retreat or through couple’s therapy, a qualified professional with years of experience in relationships will be able to help you and your partner to identify your hopes, dreams, and goals for the future. They’ll also be able to teach you skills to communicate your grief and to align for the sake of your baby. A couple’s therapist will not push you to leave your partner, nor will they ask you to stay. Instead, they will give you both tools to make these decisions on your own.

Putting Your Needs First


No matter what you decide to do about your relationship, it’s important that you’re attending to your and your baby’s needs. Maybe you’ve been seeing a pregnancy chiropractor in Midtown NYC to help with back pain and it’s helped to relieve some of the aches of the second trimester. Perhaps you’ve been seeing a specialist for pregnancy-related diabetes. No matter why you’re seeing any type of medical professional in your pregnancy, it’s important to continue to go to appointments as you work through your relationship issues.

Unfortunately, many women get so caught up in grief and worry after losing a partner or feeling betrayed that they forget to take care of themselves. Consider creating some good self-care habits as you navigate the remainder of your pregnancy. By going to appointments regularly and making things you enjoy a priority, you’ll have a better shot at peace of mind when the baby comes regardless of your partner’s actions.

Building a Support System


Everyone needs a support system. Especially after being betrayed, it can be helpful to have people you trust and can talk to. Whether this is a sibling, parent, grandparent, or friend, opening up to them about what’s happening can be a great outlet. While it might be hard to share personal details about your relationship, you’ll feel less alone if you’re honest about it with people you trust.

When reaching out to your support network, don’t forget about online support groups where you’ll be able to connect with other new moms in the same boat. Do what you can to accept help when it’s offered, too. Remember, your emotions can impact your unborn child, so accepting help is as much for your baby as it is for you.

At the end of the day, your pregnancy care and baby are more important than anything. Even if you’re hurting from your partner’s infidelity, it’s important to focus on your pregnancy care and maintaining better health as you move toward the birth process. In finding a great support system, engaging in acts of self-care, and putting yourself and your mental health first, you’ll be doing yourself and your baby a favor.