What Is Real Estate Branding?

When working in real estate, knowledge and experience in marketing are as critical as understanding the real estate market in your target area. Marketing is the key to getting new clients and attracting potential buyers to the homes you represent. The faster you can match buyers and sellers, the more successful you are overall. In the short term, you’ll be selling houses and making money, but you’ll also grow your client base in the long term as you gain a reputation for being good at what you do.

There are many sides of real estate branding that you need to consider when starting and running a real estate business, and there are a few areas of your business to consider for branding.

Branding Your Properties


Branding a property isn’t just taking pictures and posting them online. You create an image that encompasses the house, the neighborhood, and the people, and you brand the whole package. A great example of this is Hamptons Homes by Kiba Built. When you go to their website, they don’t start by describing the number of bedrooms or the square feet of the house. They talk about the breezy feeling of living on the ocean and making all of your neighbors jealous. They are selling a feeling and an atmosphere they work to create with the homes they build. You accomplish this with your visual marketing, including your website, social media, flyers, and media advertisements. Vivid photos and detailed and emotional descriptions of each room and area allow you to brand the properties you are selling.

Branding Your Business


Your business branding needs to focus on effectively meeting your clients’ needs. When branding your business, you focus on who you are as a business professional and what you can provide for your clients. While it is essential to share business details of your services, the initial focus is on the feelings and lifestyle you can help your clients achieve. Effective marketing sells emotions, not things, so you must focus on giving people the emotional outcome they are looking for in their new home. Instead of selling the home, you are selling their dream home, the place where they will be happy, spend time with friends and family, and be proud of the life they accomplished.

Branding Your Clients


Actively branding your clients may seem weird because your clients are who they are, but this is when you get to market directly to your target clients. For example, if you sell high-end houses, you target people who may be buying a second home or a vacation home. These homebuyers may be looking for features like a heated pool, wine cellar, or tennis court. By branding the type of clients you serve within your overall marketing, you will attract those clients. People already in that category will recognize the professionalism of your marketing and overall business approach. People who aren’t buying at that level will realize that, and people who are new to that demographic will be eager to use your services so that they can identify with the wealthy.

Growing a successful real estate business requires a lot of smart work. The smarter you work and utilize the tools available, the faster you will develop a thriving business. Real estate is about marketing and people skills. You use marketing to attract customers and sellers, and you use your people skills to learn their needs and fulfill them quickly. The more personable you are during the process, the more likely the client will become a loyal ongoing client who will recommend you to others and help your business grow.