Why Are Bathroom Injuries So Common?

The human body is both impressive and vulnerable. People may not think much about their body’s ability to process foods and supply energy when they’re healthy. However, physical injuries can affect a person’s ability to perform routine tasks or earn a living, and severe injuries may be permanent.

In 2018, 35 million Americans received treatment for injuries in emergency rooms, a figure that represents over 95,890 injuries per day. These patients include people affected by car accidents, workplace injuries, and bathroom injuries. Let’s take a closer look at why bathroom injuries are common, how bathroom injuries lead to lawsuits, and how to prevent bathroom injuries.

Bathroom injuries are common.


U.S. emergency rooms treat approximately 235,000 people aged 15 or older each year. Additionally, tens of thousands of children need emergency medical treatment due to bathroom injuries.

Slip-and-fall accidents are more likely to occur on wet surfaces. Since people wash and shower in bathrooms, it’s easy for the floor to get wet, increasing the chances someone will fall. Bathrooms also contain a lot of hard surfaces, such as ceramic tubs, toilets, and sinks, and there may also be granite or marble countertops with sharp edges. When a person slips in a bathroom, there’s a strong possibility that they’ll strike their head on a hard surface, compounding their injuries.

How do bathroom injuries lead to lawsuits?


Injuries can lead to lawsuits, mainly if the injury was preventable. Injured parties may file a lawsuit to recover the money spent on medical treatment for their injuries. They may also seek compensation for loss of income or job retraining costs if they cannot return to work. Some states also allow injured persons to claim for pain and suffering.

Anyone injured in a bathroom accident should consult a personal injury attorney. These lawyers specialize in handling personal injury and medical malpractice cases. Injury victims can go to HGDLawfirm.com and schedule a free consultation. Clients benefit from hiring the best lawyers because they don’t have to worry about learning about the statute of limitations or preparing legal paperwork. Instead, their law firm will investigate their accident, talk to witnesses, gather evidence, and submit legal paperwork.

Injury victims may sue homeowners if they’re injured in their bathrooms. People can also sue businesses for public bathroom injuries in stores, restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and Airbnbs. People staying in or visiting nursing homes may sue if they’re injured in a nursing home’s bathroom. For example, suppose a nursing home fails to supply grab bars for elderly patients with mobility issues. In that case, they may be considered negligent and held liable for medical costs stemming from the person’s injuries.

How can you prevent bathroom injuries?


Bathroom installation experts can help prevent bathroom injuries. Professional shower installation is a great way to transform your bathtub into a shower or add a walk-in shower to your current bathroom. When you work with expert bathroom installers, you can be confident they’ll address your needs and provide services from a licensed plumber and experienced installation professionals. You can select the accessories you need, such as shower grab bars and shower doors, ensuring your bathroom looks great and has all the essential safety features you need.

You can also add drains to ensure you won’t have wet floors that could cause people to slip and fall when you remodel. You can also install a bathroom fan and ventilation system to reduce the humidity levels in your bathroom. Humidity causes mold growth, and preventing mold growth ensures people won’t get sick from using your bathroom facilities.

It’s easy for people to slip on wet surfaces in a bathroom and suffer serious injuries. Some bathroom injuries could lead to lawsuits. You can improve bathroom safety by installing safety features and replacing your old shower or bathtub with a walk-in shower.