Why Being a Mom Is the Most Stressful Job

If you’ve ever asked a mom whether working a regular nine to five job out of the home is more stressful than her role of being a mother, she will probably say that taking care of her children is more stressful. Yes, they are likely to tell you it’s incredibly rewarding and worth the daily stress, but that doesn’t take away from the daily grind of raising little ones. Specifically in the United States, motherhood is known to be significantly stressful due to the lack of resources available for either working or stay at home moms. To all the moms out there, we salute you and sing our praises for your relentless efforts.

So what is it about motherhood that is so stressful? We have compiled some of the most common factors of stress that come with being a mom.

The Mountain of Responsibility

If you are a mom, you know that not only is it the most stressful occupation out there but with it comes immense responsibility. From the moment your children are born, they rely on you for everything. From comfort to basic survival, their needs are ultimately met by their parents. Of course, fathers play a significant role as well, this article is about moms.

A child’s attachment to his or her mother is biological and starts with their growth in the womb, continuing throughout their entire lives. Don’t think for a moment that mothers feel less responsible for their children as they get older. The factors of responsibility might ebb and flow, but the role itself doesn’t ever detach throughout life.

Societal Pressures


Each new generation of mothers changes drastically from the one previous. Mothers in the 1970s had many different societal expectations than mothers today. With the new digital age, there are so many factors involved, including television, screen time, electronic learning methods and so many other outlets that pry for the attention of not only mothers but their children as well. While some mothers today are more old-fashioned and stick to books, magazines, and hands-on play, others mothers believe there are good reasons why you should buy an iPad for your child. an iPad mini can be a great way for a toddler or young children to learn, as long as the parental controls are in use and the iPad mini has educational apps on it. Tablet use or laptop use isn’t inherently bad—it depends on what kind of tablet use your toddler is taking part in.

The Chaos


If you are a parent and have ever tried to keep the house in pristine condition on a daily basis, you know it’s a difficult task. The chaos of mess, toys scattered among all the rooms, and sticky fingerprints on all the appliances might be fine and dandy for some moms, but others feel as if this environment triggers significant stress. Moms are not only expected to play with their kids, take them to extracurricular activities, cook, exercise, and be a taxi driver, but they are often expected to maintain a clean home with a new house feel in the midst of the chaos. If you’re homeschooling your kids—forget it. The couch, the pillows, and the nursery may not feel like a new home very often.

There are many things you can do in making your house feel like a home in a more comfortable manner as a mom, such as adding organizational spaces, functional furniture, and family photos, or sentimental items. Having photos of each member of your family and some new furniture might help you bring structure into an otherwise chaotic home environment.

Learning With Your Children


It’s an obvious statement that most parents want to play a significant role in their child’s learning from a young age. Whether learning colors, numbers or how to read and write, most parents understand that school isn’t the only place for these activities. Not only are mothers expected to make sure all their child’s needs are met, but they are often expected to take on the role of the teacher as well.

Any first-time mother would agree that each day is a learning experience. While their children are learning new things, moms certainly are as well, such as how to potty train, handle temper tantrums, and use healthy and effective discipline tactics. It’s a good idea to give yourself some time to relax and reflect as a mother. There are great reading materials catered to stressed-out moms, including Lisa Whelchel books.

We know that being a mom is the most stressful job out there. As mothers, we also know it is by far one of the most rewarding experiences in life. The immense love and responsibility you feel for your child is one of the biggest challenges of parenting, but without a sad, cloudy day, we would never appreciate the ones filled with sunlight and laughter.