5 Fun Things You Can Do With Your Kids Before Winter Hits

The days are getting shorter and the unmistakable crisp air of autumn has arrived, which means winter is right around the corner. Winter will arrive and bring colder temperatures, possibly some snow, and definitively shorter days. So, take advantage of the time you do have before you’re stuck inside for good. Let’s take a look at some activities you can do with your kids before winter is here.

Take an adventure to Orlando’s magical land of Disney World.

Disney World will give you and your family a fun escape. If you have a little one who isn’t able to walk yet, they may need a stroller, which can be tough in places like Disney World — let alone traveling with a stroller on an airplane. Fortunately, a service called Orlando Stroller Rentals exists, making our lives as parents much simpler. With this stroller rental service, you won’t have to worry about the hassle of transporting that stroller during your travels, and you won’t have to worry about the expenses of checking a stroller on the flight there and back. So, let the stroller save the day while on your magical adventures at Orlando’s Walt Disney World.

Head to the park

Taking the kids to the park is a great way to give yourself something reminiscent of alone time, while the kids are temporarily preoccupied with the jungle gym, swing, or whatever other fun activity the playground has to offer. You can find a bench, get cozy, and open up a book you’ve been meaning to read. As a bonus, your kids might even manage to tire themselves out, so that by the time you get them home, they’re ready for a nap! The park will be less and less of an appealing option as the weather gets colder. Take advantage of the park while you can (but make sure you and your kids are wearing masks and practicing social distancing).

Go back-to-school shopping

This outing can be a fun experience for everyone. The kids aren’t the only ones interested in upgrading their wardrobes to match the changing of seasons. Yes, you might have your eyes on a new pair of women’s petite jeans. Or, maybe you’ve been restraining yourself from buying that new adorable flannel, but now’s the time to treat yourself. Round up the kids and put together a list of back-to-school essentials that just so happens to include your petite jeans. White House Black Market also offers plenty of other clothing and styles, so make sure to gear up for winter! Everyone deserves a wardrobe refresh!

Go on a family bike ride

Getting the whole family together for a bike ride is a great way to combine some healthy exercise with quality bonding time. Riding your bike with the kids is also a great way to explore your city. Just make sure that everyone has a helmet, a water bottle, mask, and maybe a healthy snack! Once you’re set to jet, remember to enjoy the ride. Soon enough, it’ll be too chilly to enjoy a bike ride (and the roads may be too icy).

Go for that last family swim!

Depending on where you live, you might have a pool or access to the beach. Before it grows extremely cold, see if you can make one last trip to the pool, lake, or beach. Get that one last swim in before it’s time to bust out those snowsuits and put away everyone’s swim trunks and swimsuits. Even if it’s too chilly to swim, spending the day at the lake reading and playing games is also a great way to soak up some last-minute outdoor activities before winter officially gets here.