5 Off-Season Pool Care Tips

There’s nothing better than spending a hot summer day in your personal pool. There are a lot of pros to having your own space to swim and splash around in. However, it’s important to consider all aspects of pool ownership.

As fun as a pool is, it can also be a big responsibility year-round. Even if where you live has an off-season, there are a few things you can do to set yourself up for success when summer comes around again. Here are five off-season pool care tips that will have you spending less time on maintenance and more time relaxing.

Out of sight, out of mind.

When the pool toys, ladder, summer cover, cleaning net, vacuum, and other assorted maintenance items move inside for the off-season, do you suddenly find your usual storage space unnecessarily cramped? You shouldn’t have to ditch personal items that you’ve stored for sentimental reasons just to make space for a few floats. Since you don’t need your pool items close at hand during the winter, why keep them on your property?

Renting a storage unit will give you all the space you need for everything related to the pool, so you never feel cramped. In summer you can store other seasonal items, like holiday decorations. By keeping seasonal items in rotation, you’ll always know where everything is and never need to make space or dig through bins. You can find available storage units wherever you are in the United States by checking out usselfstorage.com. You can find one that’s perfect for your needs no matter the season.

Create a paradise.

If you live in an area that has a short off-season, like Florida, take advantage of that time by making necessary updates to your pool and booking workers in advance. How old is your pool? When was the last time the pump was replaced? Is your pool what you envision when you think of your own personal paradise? It might be time for an overhaul.

When you’re looking for a company to entrust with your new build, search for “pool builder Bradenton FL” or wherever you’re located to find someone who can get the job done. For a truly artful pool and backyard area, consider going with Olympus Pools if they are available in your area. This is a company that understands that your pool is where you make lasting memories with your family. They’ll listen to your wants and needs, and design and build your own piece of outdoor heaven.

Plan ahead.

During the off-season, it’s easy not to think about your pool, because it isn’t in use. Just because it’s boarded up for the winter doesn’t mean you can ignore it. It’s an asset that costs money to keep in good working order. Take this time to tally up how much you spent on chemicals and other pool treatment as well as regular maintenance. Think ahead to what you might want or need to replace. Make a budget and start setting aside money now, so you’re ready to open the pool when it’s warm without being concerned about the cost.

Cast a safety net.

You probably don’t entirely drain your pool during the off-season. A full pool can be dangerous year-round if safety precautions aren’t in place. Make sure you buy a safety net or fence to prevent accidents from happening. You may have control over your own children, but you may not have control over neighborhood children and teens. It’s better safe than sorry.

Think thrifty.

During the off-season, you should keep your eye out for bargains on pool chemicals, toys, and other items. Smaller, family-owned pool businesses might sell their leftovers for a reduced price allowing you to stock up. Just be sure to check the expiration date on any chemicals you purchase and store them properly to keep them in good working order.