5 Tips for Selling Your Home Without the Help of an Agent

With the ability for many employees to work from home for the foreseeable future and interest rates so low, many people are looking to sell their homes and make a move. After all, even if you moved to a place like Los Angeles or San Francisco for the job prospects and higher pay, the chances are pretty good that if you want to stay at your current job, you don’t necessarily have to stay in the same state to perform your job duties.

That being said, selling your home with a traditional realtor or real estate agent can cause you to lose a significant amount of the equity you’ve earned in closing fees. If you want to sell your home yourself, here are five tips to follow to get your property off the market without the help of an agent.

Get your property ready.

Before you list your home for sale, you’re going to want to take stock of its condition and figure out what you can afford to address. While you don’t need to completely gut-rehab your kitchen or bathroom if your home has older hardwood floors, an outdated roof, or a water heater on its last legs, addressing those issues before listing your home can make it more attractive to buyers. By fixing these common nuisances, potential homeowners won’t see red flags when they read about your property or come to visit your open house, ultimately resulting in a quicker sale.

Consider professionally staging your home.

Many people think that they can make do with their current furniture when it comes to staging their home for photography and open houses, and they’re sorely mistaken. Professionally staging your home helps call attention to its bones while also showing potential buyers that you’re taking pride in your home and the sale process. Many times, staging your home also commands a higher sale price. While it does cost money, it’s well worth the investment to put your home’s best foot forward with the help of someone who understands staging.

Price your property competitively.

Do some research about other houses in your neighborhood to see what they’ve been selling for lately. Sometimes by pricing your home competitively, you can generate more interest and ultimately set up a bidding war that commands a higher price. This isn’t always the case, but the last thing you want is to overprice your home and have it sit on the market for months.

Host an open house and look your best.

Once you’ve properly prepared your home, it’s time to show it off to interested buyers! Normally, you’d have a real estate agent dress up and tell people about the house; however, this is something you can do all by yourself. Just like you’ll want the home in tip-top shape, it’s just as important for you to look your best, too. Consider splurging on one or two women’s jackets that can help elevate your style while still looking professional. A lightweight denim jacket or blazer can do wonders for how you’re perceived, ultimately communicating the same professionalism and experience a realtor’s presence might.

When in doubt, sell to a business that offers you cash.

If all of the above steps sound like too much work or effort for your home, it might be worth seeking an alternative sales path. For example, did you know that there are companies who’ll buy your home regardless of condition for cash? Beyond offering you cash on your home without the need for any of the aforementioned work, they won’t ask for you to repair or have the house respected. In fact, they don’t even care if your house is clean or not!

Especially if you’re inherited the home from a deceased family member and just want to be rid of it quickly, Googling “sell my house Los Angeles” can help you find companies in your area that specialize in this sort of transaction. Particularly if you’re interested in getting the property sold quickly for a fair price, this pathway can give you peace of mind and might be your best option in today’s real estate market.