How to Treat Yourself After Having Your First Child

Let’s set the record straight: having a child doesn’t mean that you can’t feel sexy and confident in your post-pregnancy self. After the birth of your little one, it can feel challenging to navigate the ins and outs of motherhood combined with trying to feel like your best self. If you’re having trouble figuring out how to best treat yourself, you’re not alone. It’s actually quite common for new mothers to struggle with postpartum hormonal changes that affect many aspects of your life. Take a step in the right direction, and consider these tips for how to treat yourself after your first child.

Consider starting a workout routine.


There’s no one size fits all when it comes to how to feel sexy again having your first child. At the end of the day, working out or losing weight isn’t the answer to feeling confident. You shouldn’t judge yourself based on a scale, especially after the incredible job your body completed during childbirth. Your true confidence shines from within, despite the fact that you may have more of a round shape than you once did. The real benefit to incorporating some kind of workout routine is the numerous benefits to your mental and physical health. To feel your best you have to do what’s good for your body, and getting in any kind of physical activity helps to release anxiety, balance hormones, and alleviate postpartum depression. Overall, one of the best ways to treat yourself after your first child is to get your sweat on, which gives you some alone time and promotes incredible habits that are good for your body and mind.

Treat yourself to new clothes that you love.


After having your first child, you quickly realize that motherhood is no walk in the park. There will be plenty of sleepless nights, tired mornings, and days where you never even change your clothes. That’s totally acceptable, but to treat yourself it’ll help to buy new clothes for your wardrobe that you’ll love to wear. Just because you’re a mom, that doesn’t mean you can’t dress to impress in everyday wear that you love. Look to this list of fashion trends that will carry over from 2020 so that you can dress in style with current fashion trends. Throw on a pair of medium-length skinny jeans paired with a trendy plaid blazer. Or, if you have a partner, go on a date night in a new fashion-forward dress or trendy outfit. It’s all about revamping your wardrobe with pieces that align with fashion trends and that make you feel confident and sexy as a new mom.

To spice up your romantic life, buy lingerie or intimate wear that makes you feel glam. Buying yourself new underwear and bras is an important step to feeling great in your new body. Opt for pieces that you can use as everyday wear, but remember to find some new lingerie and sexier feeling pieces that might spark some intimacy and romance if you desire to in your sex life. Remember that your postpartum body is something to be celebrated! Even as your body has changed post-childbirth, you still deserve to own your look for whatever sparks intimacy for you and your partner. As a general rule of thumb, doctors recommend that you wait to have intercourse four to six weeks after childbirth. The good news is that within this sexual downtime, you can focus on feeling sexy in the way that you want to.

Don’t forget about your makeup.


Another aspect that deserves your attention is your makeup. Though you never have to wear makeup to feel confident, sometimes getting ready makes you feel good! If you’re wanting to try something different that mimics beautiful, natural lashes without having to get expensive lash extensions, you should consider adding Glamnetic eyelashes to your beauty routine for the first time. Glamnetic lashes are lightweight magnetic lashes that create the perfect lash without a lot of fuss and glue. To use these magnetic lashes, you simply apply Glamnetic magnetic eyeliner with the glide brush tip, which looks and applies just like normal eyeliner, to the root of your lash line. Then, you soften the fake lash line by bending the magnetic lash’s eyelash band and trim to your desired lash width and length. Last up, place the lashes onto the eyeliner for a long-time hold that looks perfect every time. There are plenty of other perks to using magnetic lashes over regular false lashes.

One of the biggest reasons to use Glamnetic lashes is because they’re reusable, unlike other false lashes that you have to throw away with every lash application. Another benefit to these magnetic lashes is that they come in tons of sizes for optimal results, no matter your preference. There are lash styles for a natural look, glam look, all made from the highest quality of vegan faux mink. To remove these lashes, you don’t have to deal with tacky lash glue. Instead, you simply pull off the lashes and then use makeup remover, oil, gentle soap, or micellar water to remove the eyeliner. In no time, you’ll notice that these lashes are the perfect choice as a staple to incorporate into the new year for your revamped makeup routine as a new mom.