Preparing for Your Child’s First Communion

If it’s time for your son or daughter to go through the sacrament of First Communion, it can be an exciting time in your household. After all, once your child has completed all of the necessary preparations to receive this sacrament and the Eucharist, they’ll be able to participate in your church’s services in a much more meaningful way. While there are certainly classes that your child will be taking in order to be prepared, you may want to think ahead about how you’ll celebrate the occasion, too. Here are just a few tips to help you prepare for your child’s first communion.

Purchase a meaningful bible to help guide your child

As your child prepares for their First Communion, they’ll likely be reading passages from the bible as they learn about the importance of this sacrament. That being said, not all bibles may be the right option for your son or daughter to learn from. Either because of small text or a higher reading level, it may make more sense to purchase a new bible for your child instead of letting them read from the family bible. There are many different kids study bibles to choose from, each tailored to different age groups. Finding a more age-appropriate option for your son or daughter to study from can be incredibly helpful when it comes to ensuring that they get the most out of this important process.

Pick out an outfit for the big day

What to wear is an important aspect of your child’s First Communion, both for you and your child. White is a common color, with little girls wearing white First Communion dresses and little boys wearing a more traditional blazer and dress shirt. Navy or black are ideal colors for blazers for your son, whereas you may want to try on a variety of styles of white dress for your daughter. As long as you think formal, you’ll be sure to find the right style—although many schools also offer a dress code to ensure everyone looks great on such an important day.

Throw a party for friends and family


To celebrate your child completing this sacrament, you’ll likely want to host a small gathering for friends and family members who came to watch the ceremony. This can be an ideal time to ensure that your child gets a few religious items that will help them practice their faith. Rosaries are particularly popular gifts to give during First Communions, but that doesn’t mean you can’t also sprinkle some more fun gifts into the mix, too. Consider introducing your child to some faith-based music, books, or television series, too, so that they can see how their religion connects with the world around them.

Commemorate the occasion with a nice print


With so many family members coming in from out of town to celebrate, plus your child looking great in their fancy clothes, you’ll certainly take some great photos during your kid’s First Communion. What better way to mark the whole sacred event than with a canvas print of one of your favorite photos? To really make your pictures pop, consider printing them on canvas for a long-lasting way to commemorate such an important milestone in your child’s life. Printing on canvas is a simple and elegant way to make special memories feel even more impactful, and it’s especially easy to get your photos printed on canvas thanks to the internet. In fact, some of the cheapest canvas prints of various sizes happen to be some of the most high-quality options, making it easier than ever to get great-looking results.