Marketing a Home Repair Service: The Ultimate Guide

Starting a home repair business seems like a no-brainer. From siding repair to roofing projects, people will always need touch-ups for their homes. Whether you’re working with siding or gutter maintenance, knowing how to market your home repair business is key. You need to make sure you’re reaching new prospects and keeping customer satisfaction as high as possible. If your service team is ready to take your business to the next level, there are a few things to know.

Consider specializing

Some home repair businesses are general purpose and market themselves as a jack-of-all-trades operation. Others specialize in one particular niche. Niche businesses can market themselves as subject experts and may find it easier to connect with homeowners.

Say you decide to focus on siding repair in your business. This means you need to build up your knowledge base and market yourself as being an expert in all things siding. From vinyl to wood siding and aluminum siding, knowing how to handle different materials is important. Also, you should know the distinction between installing new siding and handling general siding fixes. it’s likely that you’ll also have competition, no matter your niche. In the siding industry, what makes you better than the competition? How do you handle a home’s siding in a way that makes you stand out?

Naturally, you don’t have to focus on siding, specifically. You can clean gutters, repair cracks, treat mold, and increase the curb appeal of homes. No matter which niche you choose, you’re going to have to continually improve your knowledge to stay up-to-date with new developments and technological advancements. Understanding the advanced features of the products you offer can help you edge out competitors, whether you’re a siding repair company or an interior remodeler.

Amp up your customer service

With the customer experience being more important now than ever, knowing how to connect with customers is critical. You want to position your business as having best-in-class customer service. Marketing your customer experience can easily draw in new prospects. If you’re experiencing a high number of leads, you may find it beneficial to start up a virtual call center.

With just an internet connection and a dedicated customer service agent, you can experience all the benefits of virtual call center software. Compared to traditional call centers, a virtual call center doesn’t even require a physical call bank. By using a virtual call center solution, you can take phone calls and live chat from anywhere in the world.

A virtual call center solution also has many exciting advanced features. Call center software often allows you to use a virtual number, interactive voice response (IVR), and a predictive dialer so you’re able to monitor each communication channel with ease. Each of these allows you to take incoming calls without the hassle of idle time. You can chat on inbound calls, route phone calls to the correct communication channel, and use a predictive dialer to speed up the outbound call process.

Without all the idle time in your call center, your call center agents are better able to do their job that much more effectively. Call center software also frees up your time to focus on other pursuits such as starting social media channels for your home repair business. If you’re interested in a cloud contact center, find a company’s phone number and reach out to learn more about a free estimate for virtual call center services.

From improving your call center to offer world-class customer service to specializing in one unique aspect of home repair, there are plenty of ways to market your business more effectively. As long as you’re maximizing the use of your time and assets, you’re sure to find a marketing tactic that sticks.