5 Items You Can Buy and Sell to Make Serious Cash This Holiday Season

Gift-giving is a huge part of the holiday season, and if you want to make serious cash this season then this is where you need to focus. People are more willing to give their money this season in search of gifts for loved ones—it is easier to make money when you sell items that can be gifted out. Some items sell more than others, and here are five of them.


It may seem unlikely that people are willing to give out entire cars as Christmas gifts but the statistics may shock you. According to the New York Times, cars bought as Christmas gifts accounted for a whopping 10 percent of auto sales during the festive period in 2018. This means that a good number of the population is willing to buy cars for their loved ones, some as late as Christmas eve. This is where you come in.

It’s common knowledge that the closer it gets to the end of the year the more mouth-watering deals become as stores scramble to quickly sell the remainder of their stock. It also happens that the week between Christmas and the end of the year is the best time to buy cars, according to US news. This is when you should advertise. You don’t have to sell new cars, you can sell salvage cars online that have been refurbished. If you can negotiate, you can make as much as $4000 i.e. 20 percent of the average cost of a used car—not bad for a Christmas bonus.


Not all holiday shoppers buy their toys during Black Friday sales. Statistics show that 62 percent of Americans buy their gifts the week before Christmas, and 42 percent of all shoppers bought toys. This is significant because Christmas retail hit $1 Trillion last year. Electronic toys are a sure winner in this department and are sure to go faster the closer it gets to Christmas.


This is another big-ticket item that sells fast during the holiday season. Jewelry is one of the hottest selling merchandise during the holiday season as a whopping 47 percent of women want jewelry as Christmas gifts. Bracelets, necklaces, and pendants are some of the more popular pieces but you could also sell custom pieces embedded with more exotic stones.

Another piece of jewelry that sells fast during the holidays is the engagement ring. The holiday period, especially Christmas eve, is a popular time to get engaged, and it is proven by statistics. A good percentage of these love birds are in the market for a ring, especially during this period where they can get a discount. The average engagement ring cost something between $1000 – $6000. With a little marketing and persuasion, you can make yourself a pretty penny this festive season.

Medical Equipment

This may sound odd but medical equipment also sells during the festive period. Why?

Because even doctors and hospitals want to get their equipment at the best possible price. However, some equipment is easier to sell than others. For example, equipment like the PEMF for sale by Pulsed Harmonix, which is a device that uses electromagnetic waves to stimulate healing and all-round wellness, is much easier to sell than some others. A device like this is compact, light-weight, and not so expensive that doctors would be discouraged. This particular device can also be legally sold directly to people.

Gift Cards

Sometimes we just don’t know what our friends and families want, and we don’t want to risk wasting money on something they wouldn’t like—this is where gift cards come in. Giving gift cards is almost like giving cash, without the awkwardness of implying that your friends need money. And it is currently one of the most desired items this holiday.